Life At The Ridge

Hello everyone! I’d like to begin by introducing ourselves, we are Susan and Trent . The faces behind Sulfur Ridge!

If You Build It…..Will They Come?

Field of Dreams is an 1989 film about an Iowa farmer who hears a voice speaking to him: “If you build it, he will come.” He interprets this as an instruction to build a baseball diamond in his corn fields where long dead baseball greats would come and play.

Another quote from the movie after the baseball diamond was complete …..”This is my most special place in the world, Ray. Once a place touches you like this, the wind never blows so cold again. You feel for it, like it was your child.”

And that my friends, is how we feel about Sulfur Ridge! After many wonderful adventures of experiencing hospitality all over the world, we had a vision of creating a venue where we could showcase our own Southern hospitality here in Tennessee.

We researched, we dreamed big. And we created our most special place in all the world.

Welcome to Sulfur Ridge, may it become your most special place in all the world too.

Susan ~ Trent

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