Vacation in Style at Tennessee's First Luxury Treehouse

Located just off Interstate 40 Exit 280, Sulfur Ridge is an excellent destination for your next vacation or getaway. Built on 19 acres of privately owned land in Cookeville, Tennessee, this serene treehouse rental combines a rustic exterior with a modern interior.

Perched on the edge of the ridge of which it got its name, lies a luxurious retreat tucked into the forest canopy. This intimate treehouse was built with care and thoughtful detail. The locally, Amish-built structure has an eclectic style encompassing a variety of eras intertwined together.

Lavish Rental Amenities

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Love vintage campers?

Choose to stay at what we call 'Shasta camp' on our property. With outdoor game and cooking areas, you get modern comfort mixed with classic appeal.

About the Sulfur Ridge Treehouse

The treehouse is built with your comfort in mind, from a luxury mattress to a claw foot tub large enough for two! Located on a secluded 19 acres, this is somewhere you can truly relax and get away. You are centrally located to enjoy our state parks boasting breathtaking waterfalls (four parks within an hour drive) sparkling lakes, great local restaurants, and our historic town square with boutique shopping.

A Wall Of Bottles

We wanted the front entrance to be unique and eye catching. Our grandkids were even able to help drill holes and scrape off labels on all 200 bottles included in this entrance. It was a lot of work, but the end product was worth every second!

Historic 1848 Door

The front door came from an 1848 antebellum mansion located near McMinnville, Tennessee. Local folklore says that the mansion served as a hospital during the Civil War. When we saw it, we knew it was the perfect door for our Treehouse.

The crowning piece of the door is the 1899 P & F Corbin rotary style turn key original door ringer manufactured in New Britian, Connecticut.


1976 Rockola Princess Juke Box

The Rockola Juke Box was purchased locally. We also purchased records from antique and
record stores throughout Middle Tennessee and were delighted to discover that many
of them were marked with names of our childhood classmates, Kim and Danny (who
were also the children of our mother’s best friend, Libby)!

It’s a working piece of history and we handpicked every record in it. There is sure to be something for everyone with our wide-ranging taste. A real quarter will get you two plays and you’re in luck, quarters are provided by the house.

Salvaged  19th Century Stained Glass Window 

This is one of many panels that were salvaged from the Trinity AME Zion Church in Henderson, Kentucky by Doc’s Architectural Salvage in Springfield, Tennessee when the building was demolished in 2017. The building which originally housed Cumberland Presbyterian Church was erected between 1853 and 1870 when the deed was recorded. 

The 19th century craftsmanship on this piece reveals the complex and intricate work that went in to shaping and forming this window. The thickness of glass and the thicker lead around the small sections helps to identify the age of the piece. Upon close examination, old glass will have bubbles and flaws. Being hand cut, it will refract light all around.

Walk A Mile On These Floors 

The white oak hardwood floor is repurposed from the old Wilson Sporting Goods factory that was located on the Historic West Side of Cookeville. Located on the Tennessee Central Railroad, the Cookeville plants made uniforms for every major professional sport (except boxing) from 1946 to 1989. Every uniform worn by professional athletes in baseball, tennis, football, basketball, golf and soccer came from the Cookeville plant. These particular boards were part of the original flooring complete with 73 years of dirt that we had to scrape off!

Enjoy Our Cozy Hanging Bed

Just A Swingin’ is a famous country music song released in 1983 by our nearby Smithville resident John Anderson – look it up! You’ll be singing and swinging before you know it! We knew that even when it’s raining, you might enjoy a place to snuggle outside at the treehouse. We wanted to build a bed swing but knew it had to be something special. Underneath the treehouse is our full-size bed swing which was custom built by Trent with the unique chains forged by The Angry Ironsmith, Jim Reilly. As a final touch we added a piece of porch railing from your “Grandma ‘s porch” to complete the look. Enjoy ‘Our Happy Place’!

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